The unique exhibition called Johann Blasius Santini Aichel – The Geometry of Sacred Space has been opened at House At Black Madonna, the branch of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. Johann Blasius Santini Aichel was an architect of sacral buildings in Bohemia and Moravia and the most original exponent of European baroque architecture in our region. There are featured many architectonical designs, photos of exteriors and interiors and even 3D models of buildings in this excellent exposition. which is opened until 15th September.

The exhibition of the 5 finalists of 29. Award for Visual Artists under 35 Years was held by Jindřich Chalupecký Society in the end of last year. The exhibition of Jindřich Chalupecký Award has been alternately held by National Gallery Prague and Moravian Gallery in Brno for recent years. In 2018 the exhibition´s space is provided by National Gallery Prague in Trade Fair Palace. Therefore Moravians don´t have chance to experience the traditional parade of non-critical young self-esteem, badly hidden creative powerlessness and spectacular words with no content.

20 years of big historical, social and cultural changes is covered by the exhibition of Central European modern art called Years of Disarray 1908-1928. Avant-gardes in the Central Europe, which is held in Museum of Modern Art in Olomouc. The exposition was realized by collaboration with International Centre in Kraków, Bratislava City Gallery and Janus Pannonius Múzeum Pécs. The exhibition is held in Olomouc untill January 27th 2019. The modified form of exhibition will be held in Kraków, Bratislava and Pécs during next year.

The wide retrospective of painter František Kupka (1871–1957), one of the originators of world abstract art, can be marked as one of most important exhibition projects of this decade in Czechia. Exposition, situated in Waldstein Ridding school in Prague, shows wide selection of Kupka´s artworks, from his early symbolism works of the 1890s, making breakthrough in abstraction in 1910 – 13 and following artworks to his late works of the 1950s. Such wide show of Kupka´s artworks was possible to visit only 50 years ago, during 1967-68´s international travelling exhibition. The exhibition is held till January 20th 2019.

Neglected Diseases showed by Toy Box

The artist created paintings of demons representing neglected diseases for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) campaign of public enlightenment. The large-sized prints are situated on supporting wall at Letná tunnel. The curator is Zuzana Štefková of Artwall Gallery. The smaller-sized prints are installed in Kasárna Karlín. The exhibition Don't look! Kala Azar et al. is opened till October 7th 2018.

The center of Prague become an immitation for turists, urban outdoor museum

The main theme of Prague Bienale Project 2018 is tourism and its effect on the city people's life. It is not good for Prague.”People who live in the city centre notice bad effects on the attractive parts of the city. That´s why we pointed this phenomenon. It is global problem, the tourist most exposed cities are losing its identities and they are more and more similar to each other, said curator Elis Unique about exhibition Urban Skanzen.

Mysteries and Flowers in the basement of The Golden Cock

There is a group exibition called Flora Mystica II in the Michalská Street 3, in the underground of Prague Old Town. The origin of its name is derived from using themes of flowers and mystries in works. The joint project of Markéta Lemberk, Petra Šrámková, Jan Hachran a Václav Trajer is held untill June 28th 2018. The entrance fee in the Gallery at Golden Cock is voluntary. The items of exibition can be sold.

sudek recenze ceskegalerieMore than 150 historical photographies, the sequel of set „Ruined Prague“, is reflecting the outcomes of 2nd world war events. Cultural herritages were affected by bombing and fighting in the streets. Exhibition Josef Sudek: Topography of Ruins is held in House of Photography, Prague City Gallery untill August 19th 2018.





The image of National Gallery Prague originated in classical externalism

The world can be imaginated as place, where national gallery is missing. This variation on famous Basel answer is resumming the basic shape of new symbol and the influence of past one. What F. C. Bohlen thinks about it, we could not find out. The exibition of winner´s works for new visual identity will be held in Café Jedna in Fair Trade Palace untill June 3th.

zensky fenomen ve vytvarnem umeni ceskegalerieThe theme of last year was the refugee problem, the theme of this year are women in art. The Grand Opening 2018 is held on February 16th by The National Gallery in Prague, featuring Katarína Máliková, the upcoming star of slovak alternative scene. There is Wunderbild by Katharina Grosse in the big hall of Fair Trade Palace. Katharina Grosse will be present at the Grand Opening. The late artist Maria Lassnig is another women to be presented here. The presenting of world authors is the strong tendency. Large-scale installations are accompanied by other artwork of czech and foreign authors.