DORT – výstava Střední umělecké školy designu v Praze 

„Cake" - exhibition of a private High school of design in Prague
Gallery of Art Critics, Palace Adria,1. patro, Jungmannova 31, Praha 1 
19. May 2021 - 13. June 2021

Praha 1, Galerie kritiků

Group exhibition of teachers, graduates and students. The school is focused on the fields of applied painting, graphic design, clothing design and free artistic creation. The exhibition with the thematic assignment "Cake" is a jubilee event, as part of the upcoming celebrations of the 30th anniversary of schooling. It offers cakes of various forms, formats, decorations and flavors. The head of the school is MGA. Zbyněk Linhart - field of graphic design, painting studio is led by Jonáš Czesaný, clothing design by Adéla Fejková, pupil of Eva Eisler.

Gallery of Art Critics