Josef Chuchma - Výseky (z normalizace) 

Josef Chuchma: Cut-outs (of normalization)
Leica Gallery Café, Školská 28, Prague 1 
13. September 2019 - 3. November 2019

Praha 1, Leica Gallery Prague

The exhibition is a selection from Josef Chuchma’s archive – it shows works taken during the seventies and eighties that were, with a few exceptions, never published. The works are from a time when Chuchma wandered through the streets of Prague with a focused aimlessness or when he repeatedly visited certain locations in his hometown that he tried to immortalize and chronicle. He frequented concerts and music festivals, he traveled to Poland and to the religious festivities in Tchenstochova, he made portraits. Normalization – the twenty years after the suppression of the Prague Spring in 1968 – had its specific esthetic and social atmosphere. The way of living was slow and organized, anxious and with little delights. The author believes that his photographs carry normalization’s imprint.


Leica Gallery Café