Shower after murder 

„Shower after Murder“ - exhibition of the Drawing Studio of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Gallery of Art Critics, Palác Adria, 2nd floor, Jungmannova 31, Praha 1 
22. April 2021 - 16. May 2021

Praha 1, Galerie kritiků

The work of 21 students and graduates of the Drawing Studio of Jiří Petrbok and Martin Gerboc of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts is united by a strong narrative ability. The artists become storytellers. Two tendencies can be observed in their way of thinking. One is the reflection of social problems through subjective vision. The second direction is a reflection of problems on a personal level. Emphasis in the selection of exhibitors is placed on the quality and maturity of thinking, the originality of each artist.

Gallery of Art Critics