Jan Jedlička 

Jan Jedlička
Prague City Gallery - Municipal Library 2nd floor, Mariánské náměstí 98/1, Praha 1 
28. April 2021 - 8. August 2021

Galerie hlavního města Prahy - Městská knihovna, 2. patro

Jan Jedlička’s first summary exhibition in the Czech Republic and worldwide presents a cross section of his most important cycles and works, created in his Swiss-Italian exile starting in the 1970s and more recently again in Prague.

Jedlička uses a wide range of artistic media to produce longterm projects in which he seeks to explore several selected localities, in particular the Maremma region of Italy and the Prague Basin. Instead of depicting the Mediterranean or Central Bohemian landscape, however, his paintings and drawings consist of abstract signs and structures. They are not typical visual representations, but a kind of mental image of the landscape. Defining elements of Jedlička’s artistic creations include a reverential relationship to the landscape and the presence of time and light when moving through the countryside. Nevertheless, each image as a whole is characterized by a multilayered approach that is reflected in his systematic work with a wide range of media. The exhibition will be clearly structured according to the types of processes that Jedlička works with, and will present his extensive photographic cycles, paintings made using locally gathered pigments, drawings and cartographic records, prints and collotypes, and short films and videos.

Prague City Gallery - Municipal Library 2nd floor