Miroslav Hucek: Homes  Miroslav Hucek: Homes
Leica Gallery Prague, Školská 28, Prague 1 
26. April 2019 - 16. June 2019


The Czech photographer Miroslav Hucek (1934 – 2013) is renowned mostly for his numerous black and white photographs with very strong humanistic focus and feel. Many photography enthusiasts will surely remember him for his fifteen years long distinct work in the Mlady svet magazine (1960 – 1975). The Homes project, curated for Leica Gallery Prague by the author’s daughter Barbara Huckova, isn’t Hucek’s typical work; the centerpiece of his image isn’t a person as it usually tends to be – instead he focuses on the immediate surroundings of certain individuals, the environment that influences, shapes and characterizes us. He perceives people’s homes as their life anchor. The visitor will be able to peek into the closest intimacy of homes of Hrabal, Hemingway, Michael de Montaigne, Axel Munthe, L. N. Tolstoy, Napoleon and Lenin, but he will also be able to familiarize himself with the closest environment of fictitious figures, such as Dulcinea from Tobos or Sherlock Holmes. All left an imprint on their homes, just like their homes left a mark in their work.

Leica Gallery Prague