8smička, zóna pro umění (ArtZone)

Kamarytova 97, Humpolec


+420 776 627 556

Open Wen–Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Art has moved to Humpolec!

Zone 8smička in Humpolec aims at blurring out differences between the city centre and the outskirts. The industrial area located half way between Prague and Brno has undertaken a major transformation into a cultural venue which conveys a visitor’s encounter with contemporary art. The Art Zone 8smička has the ambition to create an impetus for creation of a local community in Humpolec, which would also be open to all visitors from the surrounding area and further. 8smička will show 3 curated exhibitions per year accompanied by variety of programmes. 8smička opened in 18 April 2018 and it is administered by 8smička Foundation.

Photo: Lukáš Žentel, Benefaction Fund 8smička


Hand at the End of an Arm29. May 202102. January 2022
More than One Family: Jirous, Padrt, Ságl10. October 202025. April 2021
Once upon a time there was: glass07. March 202020. September 2020
Retina: Possiilities of Painting18. October 201916. February 2020
Molds, Hills and Highlands: The Loners of Vyšočina08. June 201929. September 2019
Kuna nese nanuk09. February 201912. May 2019
Two heads, four hands13. September 201813. January 2019
Homage to cloth: textile in the context of art16. July 201812. August 2018