The unique exhibition called Johann Blasius Santini Aichel – The Geometry of Sacred Space has been opened at House At Black Madonna, the branch of Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague....


20 years of big historical, social and cultural changes is covered by the exhibition of Central European modern art called Years of Disarray 1908-1928. Avant-gardes in the Central Europe, which is...


The wide retrospective of painter František Kupka (1871–1957), one of the originators of world abstract art, can be marked as one of most important exhibition projects of this decade in Czechia....


The artist created paintings of demons representing neglected diseases for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) campaign of public enlightenment. The large-sized prints are situated on supporting wall at...


The main theme of Prague Bienale Project 2018 is tourism and its effect on the city people's life. It is not good for Prague.”People who live in the city centre notice bad effects on the attractive...


There is a group exibition called Flora Mystica II in the Michalská Street 3, in the underground of Prague Old Town. The origin of its name is derived from using themes of flowers and mystries in...


More than 150 historical photographies, the sequel of set „Ruined Prague“, is reflecting the outcomes of 2nd world war events. Cultural herritages were affected by bombing and fighting in the...


The world can be imaginated as place, where national gallery is missing. This variation on famous Basel answer is resumming the basic shape of new symbol and the influence of past one. What F. C....


The theme of last year was the refugee problem, the theme of this year are women in art. The Grand Opening 2018 is held on February 16th by The National Gallery in Prague, featuring Katarína...

Crew F

Redakce České galerie založila uměleckou Skupinu F, ve které se potkávají umělecky tvůrčí osoby. Vytváříme komunitu, kde nikdo už neví, kdo je normální. Umělce prezentujeme na našich stránkách, pořádáme společné výstavy a doprovodné akce.

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Výstavy Skupiny F jsou realizovány za finanční podpory:

Magistrát hl. m. Prahy

MČ Praha 1 / MČ Praha 7 / Art District 7 / MČ Praha 8

Rámování Čvančara a Houska

Linhartova nadace

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