Manifest interpretativní třídy 

Manifesto of an Interpretative Class
Gallery MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5 
27. November 2019 - 26. January 2020

Praha 5, MeetFactory — GALERIE

Texts, histories, ideologies and cultures, but at the same time our experiences, anxieties and visions – all these are in the first place a matter of interpretation. More than any time before we are confronted not with “things themselves”, unmediated emotions and self-evident truths, but with hyper-complex issues and contexts ranging from environmental apocalypse and capitalism to our shattered social identities.

We – living with or alongside interpretation, as artists, theorists, pracademics and people caught somewhere in-between pristine social roles – necessarily take interpretation as something even more connected to the fabric of our lives. It may generate not only intellectual, hermeneutical questions but also political and affective issues concerning our social status or politics of identity. In this way, we play with both the pedagogical and political meaning of the word class.

Our exhibition therefore presents a statement, a manifesto if you like, concerning this precarious class of all engaged with interpretation. It generates an open space of engagement with meaning and its diverse political or ideological ramifications. It draws our attention to tarot, gaming, medication, architecture, the inhuman, and mutual care. All these things we consider to be part of interpretation and of our class struggle.

Artists: Class of Interpretation
Curators: Václav Jánoščík, Boris Ondreička

Free entrance

Gallery MeetFactory

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