Silver Wave - Lucie Mičíková, Veronika Přikrylová, Martin Zvěřina 

Silver Wave - Lucie Mičíková, Veronika Přikrylová, Martin Zvěřina
Regional Art Gallery in Liberec, Masarykova 723/14, Liberec 
8. June 2017 - 3. September 2017

Liberec, Oblastní galerie v Liberci

The joint exhibition of three young artists, Silver Wave, is continuing a project that started in Slovakia.  Lucie Mičíková, Veronika Přikrylová and Martin Zvěřina respond in an indirect way to the energy of nature, particularly the element of water. The exhibition is a dialogue among the artists, which takes place right in the exhibition space in ‘-1 Gallery’. The individual works relate to scientific processes, the concepts of quantum physics, the butterfly effect… all on the level of the poetic and ephemeral. At the same time, the whole exhibition relates to the present moment, a concept that many writers, scientists and philosophers deal with, and which we often tend to forget about.

Regional Art Gallery in Liberec