Birgitt Fischer -  Between the woods 

Birgitt Fischer - Between the woods
Regional Art Gallery in Liberec, Masarykova 723/14, Liberec 
8. June 2017 - 3. September 2017

Liberec, Oblastní galerie v Liberci

The gallery in Liberec is joining the project Czech-German Cultural Spring 2017 with a series of summer exhibitions. For this exhibition, it seemed opportune to choose the only professional German-born painter living in the Czech Republic, Birgitt Fischer. In her paintings, she deals with the theme of differences and similarities between Czechs and Germans, the Czech and German cultures and languages, and also the stereotypes we have of these. She shows the characteristic features of both nations with distinctive humour and hyperbole.  She chose herself as the heroine of her own paintings, although not in the form of traditional portraits, but as a schematic geometric figure. Order and grid typify her paintings. Although her work represents a search for her own identity, her own experiences of her assimilation in the Czech Republic can be generalized.

Regional Art Gallery in Liberec