Anna Hulačová - Breaks between Shifts 

Anna Hulačová - Breaks between Shifts
Regional Art Gallery in Liberec, Masarykova 723/14,Oblastní galerie v Liberci 
9. March 2017 - 25. June 2017

Liberec, Oblastní galerie v Liberci

Anna Hulačová

Jindřich Chalupecký Prize

Anna Hulačová’s exhibition in the Liberec Regional Gallery will introduce some of the works created for the finale of the 2016 Jindřich Chaloupecký Price. Her new series of sculptures develops further the characteristic features of Hulačová’s work, such as the combination of two- and three-dimensional depictions and the use of materials that are not typical in sculpture, like dough and honeycombs. The major theme of this cycle is (cooperative) work, hierarchy and the heritage of specific forms of modernism. A new installation will be created for the Liberec Regional gallery, which will also include others of the artist’s works

Anna Hulačová (1984) is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Studio of sculpture / Jaroslav Róna School and Intermedia Studio II / Jiří Příhoda School). She did her internship at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul in South Korea and at the Gray School of Art in Aberdeen. In her sculptures, she modernizes traditional craft and translates into a modern idiom the inspiration found in old mythologies and eastern cultures as well as in the Czech folk tradition and original Christian symbolism. Her mostly figural work embodies distinctive aesthetics bordering on those of ancient idols, gothic woodcuts and the minimalism of graphic design and photography. Hulačová has presented her work in many renowned Czech exhibiting institutions, such as the National Gallery in Prague, the MeetFactory and Hunt Kastner Artworks (which represent her as an artist). Foreign audiences have had a chance to see her work at the Gherdëina Biennale in Ortisei in Italy and at the Liste section of the Art Basel fair, among other events. In 2016 she participated in a resident artist stay at CEAAC in Strasbourg, where she also opened an exhibition of her work. She received the Czech Centre’s Audience Award at the finals of the 2016 Jindřich Chaloupecký Prize.

Regional Art Gallery in Liberec