Healing 2.0 

Healing 2.0
Galerie MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5 
14. February 2019 - 7. April 2019

Praha 5, MeetFactory — GALERIE


Exhibition of artists: Mit Borrás, Romana Drdová, Ján Gašparovíč, Jakub Jansa, Martin Kohout, Andrea Pekárková, Johana Střížková, Miroslava Večeřová, Pavel Příkaský

The exhibition Healing 2.0 thematises, nowadays, various ways of looking at health, healing, therapies and prevention, from contemporary art perspective which places these issues into wider, society-wide context. The exhibition presents seven outstanding names from the emerging generation of Czech artists. Three foreign artists will enrich the exhibition.

MeetFactory Gallery