Who likes watching... 

Who likes watching...
Regional Gallery of Fine Arts Zlín, Vavrečkova 7040, Zlín 
23. May 2018 - 9. September 2018

Krajská galerie výtvarného umění ve Zlíně


Kurátor: Václav Mílek

The exhibition entitled Those Who Like to Watch... (Kdo se rád dívá…) focuses on the various artistic approaches of that particular phenomenon that is associated to the child´s means of perception and expression, primarily through his artistic expression. It examines the different polarities of the relationship between that which is reflected through the child´s perception and that which reflectively works with him. The exhibition presents the work of five contemporary artists of the younger generation - Daniela Baráčková, Erik Binder, Marek Číhal, Vendula Chalánková, and Veronika Vlková. One can perhaps characterise their work as stories, imaginative narratives, symbolism as well as a semiotic nature, good nature, and spontaneous playfulness. While these concepts accompany the creation of the children, naive artists and “outsider” artists somewhat extraordinarily, they are merely objects for the exhibiting artist, with whom they actively work. This exhibition is a part of a broader dramaturgy of the gallery, bringing a particular view of the world and an artistic expression that is associated to the phenomenon of childhood. The works of naïve artist Natalia Schmidtová, as well as some works from the collection of the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín, can also be seen at this same time. These include artists who are pupils from an elementary school, attempting to formulate their own means of perception of art.


Regional Gallery of Fine Arts Zlín