The Charlemont Phenomenon Eduard, Hugo and Theodor 

The Charlemont Phenomenon Eduard, Hugo and Theodor
Regional Art Gallery, Masarykova 723/14, Liberec 
17. May 2018 - 9. August 2018

Liberec, Oblastní galerie v Liberci

Guided tours

  • 5. v 15.00 Komentovaná prohlídka s Kristýnou Hochmuth
  1. 6. v 10.30 a 17.00 Komentovaná prohlídka se Zuzanou Štěpanovičovou
  2. 6. v 15.00 Komentovaná prohlídka s Kristýnou Hochmuth
  3. 7. v 10.30 a 17.00 Komentovaná prohlídka s Adamem Hnojilem
  4. 8. v 10.30 a 17.00 Komentovaná prohlídka se Zuzanou Štěpanovičovou
  5. 8. v 10.30 a 17.00 Komentovaná prohlídka s Kristýnou Hochmuth
  6. 9. v 15.00 Komentovaná prohlídka se Zuzanou Štěpanovičovou

The exhibition will introduce the paintings and drawings of Eduard Charlemont (1848–1906), together with a selection of works by his brothers, the painter Hugo (1850–1939) and the sculptor Theodor (1859–1938).

The Charlemont brothers’ work will be introduced in the context of the leading Central European artists of the time, such as Václav Brožík, Hans Makart, Josef Václav Myslbek, Viktor Tilgner and others. The paintings and drawings from the collection of the Regional Gallery in Liberec will be supplemented by works on loan from Czech and Moravian institutions. The project also offers viewers a cultural and historical part, where the automobile Benz Victoria of Theodor Liebieg the younger, from the National Technical Museum in Prague, will be on show.  This was the first automobile in the Czech lands, which, moreover, became the subject of one of Hugo Charlemont's paintings. The exhibition aims to bring to light names from the history of art that are somewhat obscure and still remain rather ambiguous.

The painter Eduard Charlemont played a significant role in the creation of the art collection of the Liberec industrialist Heinrich Liebieg; as a man familiar with the Viennese and Parisian studios, he became Liebieg’s advisor. Hugo's brothers also worked for the extensive Liebieg family,  It is rather ironic that although, according to historical sources, Eduard Charlemont was greatly celebrated after his move to Paris, his fame did not extend back to Central Europe. Currently his work is scattered all over the world, mostly in private collections, the only exception being the Liberec gallery, which has a large set of his figure paintings and portraits. Nowadays, Eduard's brother, Hugo, is better known. Hugo dedicated himself to all the disciplines of painting and also excelled in graphic techniques. His impressionist landscapes are possibly the best known. Theodor, the sculptor, worked in the spirit of late historicism, creating portraits, reliefs and medallions; and with his designs for memorials, he co-created the look of many towns.   

A book will be published to accompany the exhibition.


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