Fake It Till You Make It 

Fake It Till You Make It
Gallery MeetFactory, Ke Sklárně 15, Prague 5 
14. April 2018 - 27. May 2018

free entry

Praha 5, MeetFactory — GALERIE

Artists: Christian Falsnaes, Isabella Fürnkäs, Andy Kassier, Basim Magdy, Pia Sirén, Marianne Vlaschits, Anna Witt
Curators: insitu collective 

The exhibition takes on the increasing trend of pushing oneself to a more efficient and improved persona through different strategies and methods proposed in ‘self-help’ books. In times when life becomes a performance due to the permanent attachment to and accessibility of (social) media, it hardly comes as a surprise that we turn to self-help books and their appealing promises of healthier, happier and more successful lives.

In a humorous manner, this exhibition presents three chapters on core themes in the self-help culture: «Fulfill your potential», «Be religious about your workout» and «Take a deep breath». With this, the show mirrors existing self-improvement tactics such as introducing rituals to your life, establishing forms of self-marketing or positive thinking and getting out of your comfort zone. The audience can expect artworks - partially commissioned - that introduce methods and strategies on how to increase one’s well-being or gain a winning position in society. Some of the artworks reflect a shiny and glamorous vision of reality, while others reveal a behind-the-scenes view of many self-help approaches and their pseudo-philosophies.
After participating in Aarhus 2017 - European Capital of Culture and four years running their art space in Berlin, insitu collective is now presenting international artists in their second large-scale institutional exhibition.

Gallery MeetFactory